SJP: Site Supervisor Role and Responsibilities

Resources for Supervisors:
Listed below are helpful tools regarding site supervision.

SJP Packet, 2017-2018 by CCLCA
Time2Track Manual, 2017-2018 by CCLCA
SJP Timeline 2017-18 by CCLCA
Time2Track Login Information by CCLCA
Adler SJP Partner Orientation Slides 2017-2018 by CCLCA
Suggested Discussion Questions for Intern Supervision by CCLCA
Adler SJP Internship Work Plan Template by CCLCA
SJP Student Symposium Guidelines by CCLCA
Multifaceted Themes of Diversity Conference by CCLCA

Webinar on Time2Track 9/23/16:

First month expectations for sites include:
– Orientation
– Site will notify and facilitate interns of any required HR related screening such as background checks and/or fingerprinting.
– Sites are expected to cover costs of any HR-related screening.
– Designated Site Supervisors must provide an orientation to interns that informs interns of the following:
– History and Mission of the organization
– Current deliverables
– The population being served
– How the organization’s efforts relate to Social Justice
– Skills that interns will learn
– Intern expectations (professional decorum, dress code, and communications)

Student acclimation to sites:
– Site Supervisors are expected to introduce interns to staff to help them settle into their placements.
– Sites are expected to determine a clean working area for interns to complete projects and tasks. It is understood that sites may have limited space in which case arrangements should be made to share working areas when appropriate.
– If interns are to communicate within the organization’s email system, communication guidelines should be explicitly explained to interns at the time of orientation and provided to interns in written detail.
– Interns are expected to share their available time to commit to a minimum of 8 to 10 hours per week with their Site Supervisor to develop a monthly schedule. Students complete these hours either in two half days within a week (via large blocks of time) or one full day (8 to 10 hours).
– It is recommended that the first week of each month for interns and Site Supervisors set up a monthly schedule to follow for the purposes of staying on track with projects and student hours.

Supervision and training expectations include:
– Site Supervisors are required to give 1 hour of group or individual supervision to (an) intern(s) per week.
– Site Supervisors are encouraged to use the supervision to discuss project progress and answer any questions that their interns may have.
– Throughout supervision Site Supervisors should unpack the social problem(s) and social context(s) that interns are being exposed to in the recommended format:
– – (1) Help interns understand the history of the problem(s) that the organization is seeking to reduce or eliminate.
– – (2) Discuss what the problem(s) looks like within human systems, such as the justice system, education system, and healthcare system.
– – (3) Please share any knowledge of public policy(ies) you are aware of related to the problem(s).
– – (4) Site Supervisors are encouraged to utilize the Cultural Competencies for Social Justice to relate project outcomes to the knowledge, skills, and perspectives that interns learn.
– It is recommended that interns are given the opportunity to participate in workshops, trainings, and other professional development activities to increase their knowledge and skillset related to social justice.
– Throughout supervision Site Supervisors should assess interns’ skill attainment per the SJP Agreement Form.

Communication with Adler for Site Supervisors:
– Any questions regarding the SJP or Adler University should first be sent to the Manager of Community Partnerships through email.
– The Manager of Community Partnerships will answer all SJP-related questions.
– Any non-SJP questions will be forwarded to the appropriate staff by the Manager of Community Partnerships.
– Community events should be shared with the Manager of Community Partnerships to provide the Adler campus the opportunity for the school to support and/or participate.

If your site experiences staff changes that affect students
– If a Site Supervisor will be leaving his or her position, please notify the Manager of Community Partnerships as soon as possible to ensure that interns are reassigned to a new Site Supervisor.

Site Supervisor issues with Adler Interns
– Should an issue arise with an intern, Site Supervisors should contact the Manager of Community Partnerships as soon as possible.
– Interns will be scheduled to have a confidential meeting with the pertinent staff within the Center for Civic Learning and Community Action to resolve the issue.
– The Manager of Community Partnerships will follow-up with the Site Supervisor regarding an appropriate resolution.

Site Visits by Adler Center for Civic Learning and Community Action Staff
– Manager of Community Partnerships will schedule site visits to become more knowledgeable of the organization, and/or site visits may occur upon request.
– There may be opportunities for organizational highlights initiated by the Adler School via the Center for Civic Learning and Community Action.

The Annual Community Engagement Symposium
-The Manager of Community Partnerships will send out communications inviting community partners to attend the annual Community Engagement Symposium.
-Site Supervisors are encouraged to attend and participate in Symposium events such as: moderating presentations, participating in workshops/panel discussions, and possibly co-presenting with students.