SJP Knowledge Repository

Symposium Email 1 by Mike Joyce (read for an overview and important links)
Symposium Instructional Video (link) by CCLCA
SJP Student Symposium Guidelines by CCLCA
SJP Student Symposium Presentation Types by CCLCA
Adler University Chicago Large Format Poster Template (PowerPoint) by Adler IT
Cultural Competence for Social Justice by Diane Goodman
9 Slide Poster Layout (large format highly recommended over 9-slide format)

It’s 1985 All Over Again, Salon article by Dr. Crossman
Chicago Travel Safety Guidelines by CCLCA
SRP Project by Adler School of Professional Psychology
Getting Started with SJP Checklist by CCLCA
Adler University Statement of Student Responsibilities by CCLCA
Adler University Student Referral Policy Overview by Adler University
Harro Article on the Cycle of Socialization from Readings for Diversity and Social Justice (on reserve in the Harold and Birdie Mosak Library)
White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo (click download .pdf at link)
Trans 101 by Lois Bates and Casey Schwartz (click download .pdf at link)
Systems of Inequality by The Chicago Freedom School (click download .pdf at link)
Sexual Orientation: Basic Definitions by LGBTQ Ministries, Unitarian Universalist Association (click download .pdf at link)
Transgender Youth Prison Cycle by F.I.E.R.C.E. (click download .pdf at link)
Time2Track FAQ - Registering and Logging Hours by CCLCA
Time2Track User Manual by CCLCA
Adler University Career Development Portal (includes lots of CV, cover letter, and interview resources)
Adler University Resume and CV Writing Guide (on the Career Development Portal)