SJP 2016-2017 – Internship Registration

September 30, 2017 - 12 am


Breakthrough Urban Ministries




3219 W. Carroll

Site Supervisor:


Marcie Curry

Email address:

Telephone Number:



Mission Statement:


Breakthrough partners with those affected by poverty by building connections, developing skills and opening doors of opportunity.




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Project Description:


Assisting the after-school program teachers with their exploratory enrichment classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Classes include culinary arts, ceramics and robotics.

Assigned Site Supervisor’s contact information:


Marcie Curry, Sr. Program Director. 872-444-8219

Number of interns requested:



Primary Cause Area of the Project:



Project Description Questions:

The Project Description for the Social Justice Practicum (SJP) must detail how the site will expose the intern(s) to the defined social problems that your organization seeks to ameliorate.

Please answer the following questions below.

1) What clear, meaningful learning opportunities will be provided for the intern(s) to gain knowledge and perspectives about their own social identities as well as those from diverse populations?:


Through building authentic relationships with community youth, the intern will learn about themselves as well as the assets, needs, and perspectives of the local community.

2) How will your project help interns learn the systemic and structural needs of the marginalized communities and populations that your organization targets?


The intern will learn about marginalized communities through building relationships with youth, parents and community members that are regular attenders at the Breakthrough FamilyPlex.

3) What skills/tools will the intern(s) gain that will help them learn and practice working with diverse communities to change systemic and structural inequities? This can include civic/political exposure and engagement. :


Intern will learn how to interact with youth in a trauma informed way. They will be provided the resources to educate themselves on the history of oppression in black and brown communities such as EGP.

4) What consistent duties and/or tasks are associated with the project?


Escorting students to their classrooms, Assisting in whatever classroom supervision is needed, Building relationships with students, Creating and delivering lessons, and supervising field trips

5) Finally, please describe how the results of their project(s) will help the intern(s) understand the impact of their work within the community/population.:


The impact will be felt in the lives of the youth the intern works with. It will be visible through conversations that the intern has with teachers, students and parents.

Section III: Project Plan:

Please complete this section to describe experiential learning opportunities for intern(s).

Orientation to the organization’s mission:


Oral History with E.D.
Neighborhood Tour
Review of Annual Report

Orientation to target population(s):


Direct Service Delivery
Documentary Viewing



Program Design
Program Execution
Program Evaluation
Community Outreach

Review of Systemic inequality:



Section IV: Administrative Requirements & Logistics:

Please provide detailed office and transportation information.

Intern H.R. Requirements:


Background Check
Finger Printing
Driver’s License

Office Location:


Chicago – Westside



CTA Green Line
Metra Train
Free Lot/Street Parking

Specific Bus/Metra Information:



Office Hours & Availability:


Monday 8am-5pm
Tuesday 8am-5pm
Wednesday 8am-5pm
Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-5pm


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