SJP 2016-2017 – Internship Registration

September 30, 2017 - 12 am

1141 Commerce Drive, Geneva, IL 60134
Cynthia K Wade*
Our Mission Statement
…is the provide practical support to people in achieving success, as they define it, in their work and in their lives.
PRIMARY CAUSE AREA(S) OF PROJECT: Human/Civil Rights, Economic/Occupational Justice, Community Development, Education
Kane County Jobs – Today and Tomorrow is a traveling interactive presentation that present information about current work opportunities and also future work opportunities, primarily within Kane County.

Over the course of a year, we seek to create an interactive community presentation in collaboration with local city, county and township officials, educational organizations and businesses to introduce the marginalized populations of the geographic area we cover to the services available through This presentation will provide practical information and tools that will bring together a motivated, trained labor force and opportunities for engaging and life-sustaining work. We will focus on identifying and providing relevant real time skills that will enable employees to be personally and professionally successful and in turn bring additional productivity to the bottom line of their employers.

We will create a framework that includes, speakers, workshops, and Q&A. The structure will be designed to be replicated so that we can offer the presentation myriad times at a variety of different locations up and down the Fox River in Kane County.
1) What clear, meaningful learning opportunities will be provided for the intern(s) to gain knowledge and perspectives about their own social identities as well as those from diverse populations?
Interns will have the opportunity to learn about the wide diversity of education and work experience represented by the people of the western suburbs. They will also learn about the variety of different employment opportunities available in this area.

In working with government, public and private partnerships, educational institutions and local businesses, interns will learn to maximize opportunities for successful pairings of employers and employees to create optimum working relationships.

Interns will learn about compensation and benefits required for sustainable living; about the challenges of training a workforce, of language barriers, of accessibility challenges and about the future of work. In preparing both employers and employees for what is happening now and what the future will bring, we provide the most opportunities for successful work engagement which enriches our communities on multiple levels.
2) How will your project help interns learn the systemic and structural needs of the marginalized communities and populations that your organization targets?
Interns will have the opportunity to work with a variety of different organizations, government, businesses, public and private to examine both the work opportunities and the employment force available in the geographic area. How do those match up? Where can we intercede to create a better match? Together we will collaborate to create more successful business relationship that produce a more motivated worker.

The interns will help us to identify how best to communicate the support services that can be brought to bear; services that have the potential to make real differences in the lives of the individuals who are not even recognized. In first identifying, then communicating with and finally providing additional career related services to more people within the zip codes represented, the community as a whole will grow and prosper.

3) What skills/tools will the intern(s) gain that will help them learn and practice working with diverse communities to change systemic and structural inequities? This can include civic/political exposure and engagement.
Under the direction of the site supervisor, the intern will be introduced to and interact with representatives of local government, businesses, educational institutions, public and private groups within the western suburbs. The goal will be to create an interactive presentation that can travel throughout the geographic areas to present and educate marginalized populations seeking employment now and in the future. In bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders to share their knowledge and present their ideas we can bring the newest most impactful tools to those in the community who are in most need of finding meaningful and financially stable employment. Collaboratively we will develop a plan, including a time line, expenses, and scope with the specific goal of bringing individuals from all the geographic areas into contact with the resources that can be provided.

The intern will be exposed to marketing, public relations, community engagement, fundraising, writing, and public speaking roles. They will use and develop skills in social media, organization, critical thinking, collaboration, leadership and team building, written and verbal communication, research and decision making.

It would be helpful, although not required, if the intern has Spanish as a second language.

4) What consistent duties and/or tasks are associated with the project?
In spearheading this project, the intern will have regular responsibilities to track the progress of the project, to update communications between all stakeholders, to identify and resolve bottlenecks, to provide creative solutions to unique challenges, to monitor contributions and ensure all the moving pieces are in place to assure a successful outcome.

Interns will need to be organized, efficient, detail oriented, and have excellent follow through and time management skills. Interns will need to “own” the project and be able to effectively advocate for any and all support that is required to ensure success. Students must have a personal interest in exposing the diversity of employment opportunities that exists in every community and be intrinsically motivated to discover and implement ways to support the most marginalized of the population to find meaningful and life-supporting employment opportunities.

As noted, the ability to speak, write and read Spanish, while not required, would be helpful.
5) Finally, please describe how the results of their project(s) will help the intern(s) understand the impact of their work within the community/population.
A successful trip around the county by the interactive presentation will bring new awareness and insight to the employers and employees of resources available and tools to connect in a more fruitful way to create economic success for the people and the businesses in the county. It will also create new collaborative relationships among the many entities that support economic development.

In addition, the marginalized individuals within the county will become aware of new employment and career resources that are available to them. In a best case scenario, companies will grow with new employees who are truly engaged and productive, individuals will grow with new career opportunities that allow them to utilize their strengths, contribute to something meaningful and provide adequately for themselves and/or their families and the county will grow because the communities will be healthy and growing.
Oral History with E.D., Neighborhood Tour, Literature Review
Field-based Projects, Direct Service Delivery, Program Delivery, Community Group
Fund Development, Public Policy Research, Public Policy Analysis, Event Planning, Financial Literacy, Social Media Communications, Community Trainings, Program Design, Program Execution, Program Evaluation, Civic Engagement, Community Outreach, Community Organizing, Research, Resource Development, Partnership Development, Networking
Review of Public Policy, Testimonials, Community Interviews
Initial Meeting, Driver’s License, Resume/CV, Language Proficiency
Metra Train, Free Lot/Street Parking
Metra West Line to Geneva
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