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For SJP Students

Knowledge Repository

Our resource directory. Need a PDF, PowerPoint, handout, or some other file? Click here to check our resource directory, where you can easily filter out categories to find what you need.

SJP Purpose

Read about why the SJP exists here at Adler University.

SJP Overview and General Timeline

Walk through the SJP’s important steps by reading our timeline.

SJP Preparation Steps - What to do First

Read this quick one-pager about how to prep and get ready for the SJP, and how to take your first steps down the road to your social justice practicum experience.

SJP Frequently Asked Questions

Read our FAQ to get answers to all those miscellaneous questions you have. We strongly encourage you to read through this prior to emailing general questions!

SJP Contact Information

If you’re an SJP Student and have a question and need to contact the administration, please email the SJP Coordinator, Mike Joyce at mjoyce@adler.edu

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